Icon for LoweLight: the power of I can
Theresa Tetrick Haugen


That moment when a child achieves a milestone, on his timeline, on his terms, in his own unique way, is a time to be noted and celebrated. Parents of boys living with Lowe syndrome (LS) often wait a little longer wondering with great uncertainty if a milestone will ever be achieved. Based on the K-12 education model of “I Can” statements, my goal with this series of photographs is to capture the achievements of a group of boys living with LS. These “I Can” milestones bring feelings of pride, moments of joy, and a glimpse of hope. The images may be inspiring to parents with boys newly diagnosed, nostalgic for parents with older boys and educational for those unaware of the potential for an LS boy. For the boys featured here, it is just a chance for them to say “Look what I CAN do” . A milestone achieved on his timeline, on his terms and in his unique way, and quite simply because he can!