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Our members' generosity has allowed us to offer so many benefits to those affected by Lowe syndrome - individuals, parents, caregivers, medical and educational professionals alike. Also, appealing to researchers and securing funding often lies on our membership data.

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A subscription to the LSA newsletter, On The Beam

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Digital communications; emails, webinars, medical and research updates

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Invitation to our social media and private parent/caregiver pages

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An invitation to participate in all LSA activities

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International LSA Conferences

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LS Research and Registry

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Words From

LSA Members

"Membership was one of the best decisions we made for the health and well being of our son. It’s hard to find the words to describe the feeling of support we have as an LSA family. I’m proud to say that through our membership we support Lowe syndrome research and families living with LS. It makes me feel we are doing all we can for our son."

Theresa Haugen, mother

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On The Beam

Every year since the Summer of 1982, the LSA has published its newsletter, On The Beam, a few times a year. We follow the lives of our members’ sons through the letters and photographs published in the newsletter. As one of the main vehicles for communication, On the Beam, features articles on research, useful resources, and information of interest to members of the LSA.

"I wish we could publish On the Beam more than 
three times a year. I wait month after month for the newsletter. When it finally arrives, I drop whatever I'm doing, curl up on the sofa and read. It's like visiting family. No matter how bad my situation is, the newsletter lifts my spirits."

- LSA Member