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We’ve grown from 15 families in 1983 to over 225 families in 37 states and 26 countries. In addition to families, the LSA has over 261 members who are relatives, friends and professionals.‎

Membership in the LSA gives you a subscription to the LSA newsletter On the Beam, an invitation to join in our online LSA-Talk web forum and participation in all LSA activities.

To join or rejoin the LSA, please print the appropriate forms and fill in all of the requested information. Send the completed form along with payment (in USD). You may also provide an account number for VISA or MasterCard if you wish to use a credit card. To reactivate an expired LSA membership, please send a letter to the Lowe Syndrome Association and state your current address, telephone number and email address.

Please send all membership forms and information to:

PO Box 417
Chicago Ridge, IL 60415


Every year since the Summer of 1982, the LSA has published its newsletter, On the Beam, three times a year. We follow the lives of our members' sons through the letters and photographs published in the newsletter. A member recently noted, "I wish we could publish On the Beam more than three times a year. I wait month after month for the newsletter. When it finally arrives, I drop whatever I'm doing, curl up on the sofa and read. It's like visiting family. No matter how bad my situation is, the newsletter lifts my spirits." As one of the main vehicles for communication, On the Beam, features articles on research, useful resources, and information of interest to members of the LSA.


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